04 October 2010

Happy Monday!

It's still morning in SoCal -- so, good morning to you! We are having a beautiful -- albeit windy -- day in the High Desert Region. Hubby is sitting at my sewing desk studying for an upcoming exam and I am looking at my studio/office desk, wondering how it got to be such a mess. My stuff is multiplying exponentially and it's taking over!

Since I had a fill on Thursday, I'm still eating mushies today. That works for me, although it plays havoc with my blood sugars! Our little market doesn't have any sugar free puddings that I can find (and they're out of yogurt, if you can believe that!), so I'm eating lots of oatmeal and grits.

Tomorrow, I start back to some kind of plan. The surgeon's office wants me to cut out my protein shakes/drinks and concentrate on solid food more. I understand, completely, what they are saying, but I'm hesitant to give up my protein shakes and RTDs, because they ensure that I get enough protein each day without having to count the grams in everything I eat. I bought some unflavored protein powder right after my surgery; I guess it's time to use it!

I'm making a commitment to myself (and to you) to blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. It's too easy for me to get busy and say "I'll blog later" and then put it off until the next day. And the next. And the next. In fact, that's exactly what happened to me when I disappeared. I kept telling myself that I'd blog tomorrow, and tomorrow never came.

I hope everyone is heading into a wonderful week! Mine promises to be busy, but busy keeps me out of trouble. Catch you on the flip side!


  1. I haven't had protein shakes for awhile and I know what you mean. It is hard to stop them because then you have to count protein grams. I eat lots of Greek yogurt, chili, string cheese, etc. as meals or snacks.

  2. I use what Amanda said, too: greek yogurt (in soups or beans, esp); lots of kinds of chili and string cheese. But also, while I rarely eat oatmeal, during pre- post-op I did put the unflavored powder in oatmeal--it worked like a charm!

    Good luck girl! It's so good to "see" you again, and great to hear you're back on track with both food and blogging!!

  3. Yeah it was hard for me to cut out the protien shakes as well but now I live off of greek yougert. Try Chobani it's sooooooooooo good!!