30 September 2010

Upgraded Me!

I just got home from my first fill, and I feel great! The surgeon's PA usually does fills, but he had the afternoon off. Dr. Krahn did my fill himself, and I was so happy! He's got a great manner about him. In fact, I fell in love with him when I went to my first seminar.

By their calculations, I've lost about 25 pounds since my first visit. That sounds about right, but the actual number is slightly more than that, because I gained a little weight between my first visit and my pre-op diet. So let's make it almost 30. Whatever it is, I'm thrilled with it since I have had such a difficult time this past month. I've been up and down two or three pounds each week. It's been very frustrating, to say the least!

I told Dr. Krahn that I wasn't sure I even had a band; he told me a story of one of his colleagues who went to do a fill on a patient, but it turned out the patient didn't actually have a band at all! Abdominal scares, yes; a band, no. The patient had supposedly been banded in Mexico. EEK! He also told me of a patient of his that has supposedly had some long-named procedure and when Dr. Krahn followed up, it turned out that the procedure hadn't been done -- but, again, the patient had a scar! Scary stuff!

He did my fill with me standing up. Boy, was I surprised when the nurse told me about that! Did I know this? I don't think I did. Anyway, there was a little solution in the band from surgery and he filled it up to 4 ccs. When I asked how much he'd put in the band, he jokingly told me that he didn't remember! His way of making sure that I understood that the amount of solution isn't what counts, but it's effectiveness.

He had me drinking water while he gave me the fill. At one point, it seemed a little tight, so he pulled a tiny bit back out. I'm to come back in six weeks.

Oh, and I've been cleared for belly dancing! Won't that be fun exercise?!


  1. Oooh! Let us know how the belly dancing goes!

    Sending you lots of a good luck for this fill to take. :)

  2. Good luck with your fill.
    Belly dancing sounds awesome...of course we need pics.

  3. Belly dancing, yay!!!

    Sounds like a good fill experience. :)

    And those ARE some scary stories, what a weird racket for sure!

  4. Belly Dancing! How exciting!

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  6. I'm glad you had a good experience. As I've already told you, I think I could really like your doctor. I hope you enjoy the bellydancing.

    BTW, I finally made my first blog post. (About time, eh?)

  7. Hey Amaris!!
    Thanks for coming and checking out my blog!! I've just had a read back through yours too and wow, that is some scary stories you just told about the people who had apparently had lap band....but it wasn't actually in there!!! And thats really werid that you had to stand up to get the fill, but hey if it was effective then who cares.

    Hopefully the 4cc works well for you and I'm sure I'll read from you soon!
    Liz x