08 August 2010

Begin As You Mean To End ...

I don't remember when I first heard that old adage, but it's become my byword for lap band surgery. I'm trying to develop good habits now, when they may not mean as much, so that things will (hopefully) be easier somewhere down the road.

For example, I'm not hungry, but I sometimes want to eat. I am eating three meals a day, even though I'm not particularly hungry, so that I get in some nourishment. But I find myself wanting to eat at other times, too. Mind you, I'm not hungry. I have yet to be hungry, in fact, five days out from band surgery. I'm trying not to eat just to be eating (and when I say "eat" I mean "consume full liquids"; I'm not jonesing for anything off my plan), even though I could rationalize it by saying I'm eating so little, my body probably needs another yogurt.

But you know, this is harder than I thought it would be. Eating when I wasn't hungry has always been an issue for me. Especially when I'm alone. Especially after dark. So, I'm trying to fight the urge now, at the beginning, in hopes of it being a little easier to fight when I'm on my regular diet.

That's my biggest hurdle right now. Other than that, I'm doing pretty damn good. The strips on my incisions are beginning to itch, and I have a deep heaviness in my chest that sometimes borders on pain. Hiccups are the worse! I'm not having any pain at my incisions, though. In fact, I have no idea where they are, unless I look in a mirror or raise my shirt! I can sleep on either of my sides. I haven't tried sleeping on my tummy yet, but I wasn't much of a tummy-sleeper anyway. I still get very tired, very easily; I've been up about an hour and a half, and I'm wanting to go back to bed already! I'm not having any trouble getting my fluids in, though I'm not sure I'm getting my protein in each day. I had a BM on Friday, so that's getting back to normal.

My blood sugar is out of control! I'm not happy about that. I had really good control before the surgery. The surgeon decreased the diabetes medication so much that I'm having really high blood sugars. I'm going to talk to someone about that when I have my post-op appointment on Tuesday.

Thanks again to everyone for their well-wishes. I'm trying to get back into my blog-reading/commenting habit, so I should see you on your blogs soon!


  1. You're doing great and are on your way!

  2. I hate to hear that your blood sugar is going out of control. That really sucks. You are on your way though. My diabetes is GONE! Good riddance! YOU will get there!

  3. My diabetes is gone too... My last A1C was 5.5... They took me off all my diabetes meds beofre surgery so I never went back on them. For puddings,jellos, and yogurts... try low carb or sugar free. I use Dannon light and fit low carb yogurt, or sugar-free jello/pudding... they are yummy. I was afraid of my sugars being crazy out of control still but they evened out. You will be fine... Don't worry! Are they staying below like 150? *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com

  4. You're doing great. Hang in there and it will get a little better every day.

  5. Hey you! Sounds like you're doing well! (Except for the sugar--but I bet that will even out.) I am feeling very good. I get gas when I eat just about anything--but the gas gets better/milder everyday. Almost 2 weeks out and I am back to an almost normal schedule, but still get tired and need to rest between outings. I'm so happy we're so close in surgery dates!

  6. You seem to be doing great! Plus you'll get better little by little everyday!