17 August 2010

Teeny Tiny Loss!

Today was weight-in day. I lost .2 pounds. Yep, two tenths of a pound. It's small, but I'll take it! Especially since I've read on LBT about so many recent bandsters who have gained in the couple of weeks after surgery. Slow and steady, right?

I'm not surprised by my small weight loss. I have been hungrier the past week, so I am eating more. Even though I'm using "sugar free" and "no sugar added" products as often as possible, many of the things you can have on full liquids are not conducive to weight loss when that's all your're eating all day. Also, I stopped writing down what I was eating, thinking I could keep track of it in my head. BAD MOVE! I need that written record to keep me honest. So, today, I started writing things down again. And, I've let my exercise diminish the past few days. Today, no matter how busy I am, or how hot it gets, I'll find time for a walk. It may be a short one (as I'm slowly working my way up in time/distance), but it will be something!

I see my PCP this afternoon. He's been so supportive of this process. I'm eager to talk with him about my diabetes, and how to get back on track taking care of it. My surgeon's office is kind of conservative in their approach to it, because they don't want me having lows. I think I'd rather have a low once in a while and have good control the rest of the time, than have higher blood sugars, but no lows. Lows suck, but I can live with them. I'm going to ask my doc to return me to the regimen I was on before surgery, or to at least increase my insulin again. 

How is everyone else doing? I hope my lovely friends are all doing well -- and losing more weight than I am!


  1. Well congrats on the WL!! A loss is a loss in my book. I'm glad you wrote about the journaling thing because I have to keep a constant reminder to do this so I will stay on track.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well. -.2lbs is still a loss!! You are doing great, but I hear you---it's not easy!

  3. 2 lbs is better then no lbs lost and it's still a loss! Great job! Ugh! I've hit a plateau!

  4. Hey you're on the right track keep it up. I need to start recording my diet as well, but it's hard to do. Good luck!