13 August 2010


Thanks to Draz for the questions! I really enjoy answering them and reading everyone else's responses, too!

1. Do you remember your last dream?

Not really. But I do remember my dream night before last.  I was back in third grade and I got called to the board to work a math problem. It was a quadratic equation! I think I actually learned those in 8th or 9th grade! What can I say? I’m a bit of a geek.

2.  Which is your favorite body part of the human body and why?

I totally loved what Draz had to say about hands! They may be my new favorite body part. Up until I read her answer, I would have said the mouth, because it can smile. I’m a sucker for a great smile.

3.  Tell me about your first kiss...

My first kiss is kind of complicated … I started talking to a DJ at the local radio station over the phone, and we got to be quite friendly.  I lied to him and told him I was 16 (he was 20; I was really only 13!), so we arranged to meet one night. I told my parents I was going for a walk late at night (yeah, right!), and he met me at a dead-end off the road I lived on.  I was a little freaked out! Not only was that my first kiss, but it was my first lots of things (no, not that!). Needless to say, we got caught by my dad.  But I’ll give the guy some credit – he wasn’t easily run off. We were together off and on throughout my teenage years, and even into my 20s. We last saw each other when I was 21. We’re still in touch occasionally.

4.  How big is your bed?

We have a queen sized bed. Our bedroom is big enough for whatever we’d want to put in there, but we bought the bed when we got our first apartment 10 years ago, and that was all we had room for. We’re getting a new bed soon, but we love sleeping so close together, so will probably continue with the queen size.

5.  Repeat question....whose blog or comment stuck with you the most this week and why?

There was a tiny snarkfest on my blog – really, hardly worth noticing. I think it prompted Grace to post about the guy who started it all. I really appreciated that post. Not that I needed anyone to stick for me – and she didn’t, really – but it helped cement my own feelings about that person and his comments (Not just to me, but to others, too). I especially appreciated the sense (again!) that I really belong to this community, because of her post.  Thanks, Grace!


  1. When is your first fill?

    My second one didn't go so well... but it's all better now. :)

    Your first kiss reminds me of mine. It was to a 21 year old guy when I was much younger and my parents hated him because they knew who he was "bad boy" type.

  2. Oh love the first kiss story...very rebellious. HA!