10 November 2010

It's Gonna Work!

I can finally, three months after being banded, see that this is going to work for me! YAY!

Today, I had half a protein shake for breakfast at about 11AM (a little late for breakfast, I know, but I slept in this morning), and I'm just now (4:45PM) hungry again! I'm having a Yoplait Light Yogurt and I'm feeling very satisfied. In fact, I'm not sure I can comfortably eat the whole cup! No PB'ing, no stuck feeling. Dinner is in a couple of hours -- it will be interesting to see how much I can comfortably eat.

I didn't realize that I was starting to get frustrated until just now. I wasn't sure that the band was going to work for me -- or rather, that I wasn't going to be able to work the band. Oh, I know I'm not out of the woods yet and that band life is not necessarily going to be smooth sailing from here on out, but I see a glimpse of what it might be. And I like it!


  1. Once you get good restriction, everything changes...for the better!

  2. Great positive attitude Amaris!

  3. The band is awesome! I'm glad to hear you are doing well. - Sarah

  4. Hi Amaris
    Thanks for your comments and your encouraging words. As you can see, I found your blog! I'm glad to hear you felt the surgery was a piece of cake! That's first up for me....I'll deal with fills later!!! I'm so emotional right now, I just need to take one step at a time! Thanks again!

  5. Awesome! Sounds like you may have found your sweet spot! :D