12 November 2010

The Weirdest Thing!

Today has been a strange day, food wise. I've been PB'ing all day -- really slimy stuff. What's weird is that I haven't eaten much today. I finally figured out what was getting stuck: My iced tea! I had a couple of crackers for breakfast to tide me over until I got around to making a shake. They stayed down just fine. I confess; I never did get around to blending that shake. I poured a big glass of iced tea instead. Almost as soon as I starting drinking it, I got stuck. At first I thought it was my morning meds, but they never came back up. I stayed stuck almost all day. When I finally suspected it was my drink, I set it aside and about half an hour later had one of Hubby's potato chips. It stayed down. So did the few Fritos I had after that. It's about time to start cooking dinner, and I haven't had a problem in over an hour, so I'm hopeful.

Unfortunately, I have really dry mouth most of the time, so not drinking all afternoon has been an uncomfortable challenge. But then, so is getting stuck!

 I've poured another iced tea and am sipping it very slowly. So far, so good! Anyone else have something like this happen to them?


  1. That is very strange! I cannot see how it was the iced tea....but, what do I know! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Sometimes I find my esophagus goes into spasm with just liquids, yet solids are fine. I also have to wait at least an hour after eating something before I dare drink. It might be the cold liquid or even the little bit of caffeine or lemon which is triggering the problem. Try another cold drink to see or even warm drinks. I do find after a stuck or pb that my band is swollen and I have to take everything easy for the rest of the day. Now my fav is Long Island Iced Tea but will admit that I never got stuck or had a problem getting that down :-)

  3. i am like sandy lee...finicky little band!

  4. I only get that when my esophogus is swollen... hope it's bettter now though!