25 November 2010

So Much To Be Thankful For ...

Taking a cue from Simple, Sassy Sarah, I decided to do an appreciation list. Thanks, Sarah, for the idea and motivation.

This year I am so appreciative of:

  • Health -- Mine, my husband's, my in-laws, the rest of my family and my friends.
  • Emerging into my life as an artist.
  • The generosity of my family.
  • My delightful, creative, funny, loving husband. Need I say more?
  • Our beautiful, spacious home. I feel so comfortable here.
  • Great landlords. They make renting easy-peasy.
  • My wonderful, supportive friends. You keep me going.
  • All of my family, but especially my sister. We've gotten closer since our parents each made their transitions, and I'm particularly thankful for that. She also helped make the band a reality for me (as did my in-laws).
  • Our adorable, loving, joy-bringing cats. Through the years, the cats have helped our marriage become a family, since we have no children.
  • All of you all! I really appreciate the encouragement, support and camaraderie of this community.
  • I have an absolutely amazing surgeon, and he has a great staff. I'm really thankful for them, especially when I read some of your stories!
  • Last, but not least, my band (I've decided to name her Lola). I haven't had the success I had hoped for -- and fills seriously kick my ass -- but I can truly see how this is going to revolutionize my life. With just two fills, I already have glimpses of my Sweet Spot. I am losing weight pretty effortlessly, and I love that.  
So, what are you thankful for today?

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