26 November 2010

When The Time Comes

I can’t remember what blog I found this on – but I thought it was a great idea! I want to post my WTTC list, too (whoever you were, I fully admit I used some of your ideas!).
  • ·         WTTC, I will be happy at my doctor’s office when he talks about my perfect test results.
  • ·         WTTC, I will happily release my blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medication.
  • ·         WTTC, I will walk into Lane Bryant – and nothing will fit!
  • ·         WTTC, I will run/walk a 5K – and not come in last!
  • ·         WTTC, I will entertain more and not be exhausted at the end of the day.
  • ·         WTTC, I will eat what I want because I choose to eat it, and not because of some compulsion to stuff crap in my mouth.
  • ·         WTTC, I will strut my stuff in front of all the people who thought I was forever-fat.
  • ·         WTTC, I will enjoy sex again with my Darling Husband!
  • ·         WTTC, I will try rock climbing and ice skating.
  • ·         WTTC, I will be more public about having a lap-band.

So, what will you do when the time comes?


  1. Great list! I went to LB a few months ago with a friend and there were no 12's. It was awesome.

  2. Shh. It was me. But I got it originally from Gilly. You can call it your own and WTTC you will have this little burst inside when you can check off Done! Great list. It was one of the best things I did at the beginning.

  3. I love this idea :o) Great list.