10 August 2016

Whole30 -- Day 1

Day 1 of my Whole30 has come and gone, without much fanfare. There were no hitches or hiccups. I ate lots of good, whole, healthy foods, and they were yummy and satisfying. 

I slept in a bit because I was up in the night. My body is telling me that a fibro flare is on its way. And, I also went to bed early, so there was only time for two meals. 

Meal 1: 1 hard boiled egg, an avocado, and a few bites of tomato. I put four eggs on my plate, and a whole tomato, cut in quarters, and the avocado. I knew I wouldn't manage all of it. I chose to eat the avocado first because, well, avocado! And, I knew it wouldn't save well for a later meal. I covered this and put it in the fridge for later.

Meal 2: About five ounces of pan-fried rib eye steak, 3/4 of a baked potato, a cup of roasted Brussels Sprouts, and a cup of watermelon. I was surprised I ate that much without causing issues with my lap band. I ate slowly and chewed well. And, I didn't eat the watermelon until after I'd cleared the table and rinsed off the dishes
My blood sugar is already showing improvements, too. Not after one day, of course, but I'd been eating pretty clean in the week leading up to Whole30 (except for the Coke. I'd drank my share of Coke.). There wasn't a lot of sugar stored in my liver, I guess, because I was able to go without my night-time insulin last night -- and my morning reading was 103. I know that doesn't mean I'm cured, but it was nice to see, anyway.

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