15 August 2016

Whole30 -- Days 4, 5, and 6

Day 4 -- Thursday, 12 August through Sunday, 14 August, 2016

Thursday was so long ago ... I don't remember what I ate! I've been relying on this forum to be my food long, but I've started writing my food down to make it easier to post. I can tell you that I felt okay and my eating was compliant, if not enough. YAY for me!

Friday, I was so sick. I spent most of the day in bed or in the bathroom. Not only was my stomach upset, I had diarrhea, too. I don't think it was W30 related, as my husband came home from a work early a couple of days before because he was sick. I think I picked up some kind of bug from him. Usually, I don't catch everything he does, but because my body was getting used to W30, my immune system wasn't as efficient as it usually is? I dunno. I was much sicker than he was. Nothing was staying down and my blood sugar was getting low, so I ate some watermelon slowly. Not a whole meal, just the fruit. I chewed very slowly, and swallowed carefully. That stayed down and my blood sugar normalized. Later in the evening, I got hungry, so I made two scrambled eggs and reheated some mushrooms and asparagus and added some olives. None of that stayed down. I can't remember everything I tried to eat, but the watermelon was the only thing that stayed down, so I had some more before bed.

Saturday. I felt much better on Saturday, thank goodness, because we were slated to have company over for gaming in the evening. That meant there would be lots of snacks, so I decided to allow myself to snack on compliant food if necessary. I figured a little fruit by itself was better than giving in to the call of chips and cookies. As it turned out, I didn't need to do that.
But back to earlier in the day: Because I'd thrown up so much the day before, my band was really aggravated and tender. Even though I felt much better, it was still hard for me to keep anything but liquids down. After a failed breakfast attempt, I decided not to keep aggravating it, so I didn't eat until company came. For dinner we had slow-cooker rotisserie chicken from The Prairie Homestead's blog. Everyone raved about it. And it was good. I had a few ounces of breast meat, a few chunks of carrots with clarified butter and about half a cup of green beans. Unfortunately, that didn't stay down. Before bed, I had a couple of forks full of fresh pineapple chunks. That stayed down. Good thing, because my blood sugar was understandably low (and falling). Somewhere in there, I had some dry-roasted macadamia nuts, too.

Sunday. I was about to give up, so I didn't keep track of what I ate and what stayed down. i did, however, only eat compliant foods (just in case I decided to go on).I was frustrated and a little disheartened. It felt like this was all too hard. Not from a cravings point-of-view. From that standpoint, it's been really easy, even in the social situation. And not from a timeline point-of-view, either. I didn't have much of a hangover, nor did I want to kill all things. And today (Monday, Day 7, as I write this), I don't really want to nap. I don't have any extra energy, but I don't have any less than I usually have either. Maybe I'm stuck in the first couple of days, because from most perspectives, I'm wondering what the big deal is.

But the lap band thing ... I'm having more trouble with my band than I had when I first got it, I think! And so, sometimes, I just want to eat the food that stays down with no problems. I know I have a flare for the dramatic, but really -- I'm surprised I'm not weak with hunger. I know I probably sound like a broken record, and I don't want to come off as blaming my band for my failures. And really, I don't think I've failed. I just didn't expect this to be so hard, in this one area. I really thought the cravings would be harder for me to deal with.

(I don't usually do this, but this is actually my post on the Whole30 forums. I generally write an original post for the blog, because the focus is different. Today, I'm just tired of it all.)

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