12 August 2016

Whole30 -- Day 3

Whole30 -- Day 3

According to the timeline concerning what to expect during one's Whole30 journey, Day 3 is a hangover day -- headaches, fatigue, and/or general malaise. The actually was not the case for me. I felt pretty good and had more energy than I expected. We recently moved, and there's a garage full of boxes to unpack. I think I unpacked 11! A small dent in what needs to be done, but at least it's a dent!

This is weird: I'm having to work to eat more food. I am not getting enough protein, or food all around. I am genuinely not hungry, but Whole30 posits that when first starting down a road of whole, good, foods, we can't always trust our hunger signals. \

But after a near lifetime of dieting and "watching what I eat" it's feels weird to push to eat more food.

Meal 1: one boiled egg, half a tomato, and half an avocado.
Meal 2: one hamburger patty, about half a cup of mushrooms & asparagus sauteed in clarified butter.
1 bottle of komucha (I was having a pretty drastic low, so I reached for a brand that is a little sweeter.)
Meal 3: half a hamburger patty, 1/2 cup of mushrooms and asparagus, 3/4 cup of grapes.

Meal 3 didn't all stay down. I thought to myself "One more grape and I'm done." Well, apparently my false tummy was  done one grape before that!

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